Nutrition Resources

Have you been referred to our dietitian team? Here are some valuable resources to help you on your journey.

General: Label Reading
General: Calcium & Vitamin D
General: Hunger & Fullness
General: How to Eat Fish
General: PCOS
General: Craving Change course
Food on a Budget: Eat Well, Spend Less
Food on a Budget: Tips to Spend Less Money
Glycemic Index: Fibre Facts
Glycemic Index: Foods With Fibre
Glycemic Index: Eat More Soluble
Glycemic Index: Choose Whole Grains
Glycemic Index: IBS
Glycemic Index: Eating Form 
Glycemic Index: Constipations Laxatives
Plant-Based Milk: Healthy Infants 1
Plant-Based Milk: Healthy Infants 2
Plant-Based Milk: Consumer Report
Plant-Based Milk: For Kids