KW4 Community Ward

About Us

The KW4 Community Ward provides primary care providers an opportunity to have their most complex patients assessed and supported in their homes.

We offer collaborative support through a multi-disciplinary team approach to care. We bring services and care to patients in a customized and tailored way by understanding the patients' needs first.

What MAKES The KW4 Community Ward Team Unique?

  • An innovative multi-disciplinary team that visits patients in their homes, discovering needs that would not have been identified through traditional health care strategizes​.

  • Seeing and working with the patient holistically by understanding the patient's goals first, with recognition of the social determinants of health.​

  • A team that works with patients on their own goals, as well as their primary care provider, involving appropriate community support along the way.

  • Finally, a team that offers culturally appropriate and sensitive healthcare practices.

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