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The Affirm Clinic is a welcoming gender-affirming consultative clinic with the aim to increase access to care in our community. Our goal is to support youth in their gender journey and increase access and capacity to healthcare in the region.

The Affirm clinic is a consultation clinic only, and care will be sent back to the primary provider who must be agreeable to taking over the follow-up care. The Affirm Clinic will provide explicit instructions on appropriate follow-up.

Patients can be re-referred back to the Affirm Clinic if they are interested in pursing other treatment options or if there are further questions.

Team-based Approach

Affirm Team includes a Family Physician, Paediatrician, Pharmacist, and Nurse.

General Assessments

The clinics can address the general needs of those wanting more information on options for their care.


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13 - 17 Year Old

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Valid Ontario Health Card

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Primary Care Provider in Kitchener-Waterloo area

All referrals to Affirm Clinic must come from a primary care practitioner. Please use fillable referral form and fax to The Affirm Clinic at 519-783-0032.

If you are unsure if the clinic could be of benefit to you or your patient please contact our Clinic Admin at 519-783-0022.

Referral forms are accessible here.