Pharmacy Students

The Centre for Family Medicine accepts learners from Canadian university pharmacy programs throughout the calendar year, at both the BSc and Pharm.D. level. Also available is a one-year Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Residency Program for pharmacy graduates.

Pharmacists are an integral part of the patient care team, and work collaboratively with physicians, nurses, family therapists, dietitians and other health professionals to provide comprehensive patient focused care.

For more information regarding our  Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Residency Program refer to the following links: and

Experience involves learning in an interprofessional environment:

“Working at the Centre for Family Medicine has been a great learning opportunity. I was lucky to work in many different areas in the Centre…I was surprised and pleased with how quickly I was able to fit in with the team and how early on in my work term I was being trusted tasks, such as following up with patients at home visits. This reflects highly on the fact that the Centre for Family Medicine is dedicated to educating new entrants in the health care field. I was encouraged to work with, and learn from, medical residents and social work interns who would also soon be entering their respective professions… Overall, I would say that I learned more here in four months than I thought was possible and the practical knowledge I gained really helped put into context what I learned in the classroom.”

Past student

Barb Coulston, BSc Phm, ACPR
Dr. Jillian Carducci, Pharm D
Catherine Schill, BSc Phm
Dr. Jeff Nagge, Pharm D
Dr. Tejal Patel, Pharm D
Dr. JM Gamble