Mental Health Groups

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Will my participation in the mental health group be confidential?

In our mental health groups, “what you see here, hear here, and say here, stays here”. It is expected that when you participate in a mental health group, you will have a private space that in turn respects the privacy of our other group members. 

What can I expect?

All of the groups offered are psychoeducational, meaning the main goal of the group is to learn more about the topic at hand. Therapeutic processing in the group is a secondary goal, and so participation in class discussions or personal sharing is optional (but always welcome!). The first session will involve a short orientation, including introductions, a course outline, and group goals and expectations.

What are the benefits of a mental health group?

Participating in a mental health group has many benefits that we don’t get in individual therapy. In a mental health group, we get to meet and hear from other individuals who are going through struggles similar to us. This helps to reduce isolation and creates a sense of belonging and hope. Beyond that, we get to learn new information and skills that are applicable to our own mental health journey.