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Our Staff

Family Physicians

Integrated Health Building (IHB)
Red Pod

Dr. Heather Dixon
Dr. Michael Lee-Poy
Dr. Alex Kolbasnik
Dr. James Milligan

Green Pod

Dr. Linda Lee
Dr. Upe Mehan
Dr. John Pefanis
Dr. John Yee
Dr. Ryan McKee
Dr. Jordache McLeod

Blue Pod

Dr. Neil Arya
Dr. Carolyn Fuss
Dr. Joseph Lee
Dr. Marc Sawyer

University Gates

Dr. Mohamed Alarakhia
Dr. Peter Whitby
Dr. Natallia Beilhartz
Dr. Charles Pickard


Dr. Brian Finn
Dr. Kim Moore
Dr. Jennifer Jones

Associated Professionals

Physician Assistants: Dawn Copeland, Kelly Niall
Chiropractor: Dr. Craig Bauman (Dr. Bauman’s website is
Occupational Therapists:  Sarah Pritchard, Lissa Kuzych
Optometry Clinic: University of Waterloo, Integrated Health Building Clinic- 519-888-4455
Chiropodists: Haley Court, Todd Porter
Nurse Practitioners: Rita Cutajar, Kathryn Flanigan, Carolyn Beukeboom, Eimear Keely-Dyck
Social Work and Marriage and Family Therapists: Colleen McMillan, Sharon Dillon-Martin,  Jacob Letkemann, Kay Weber, Kat Pritchard
Clinical Pharmacists: Dr. Jeff Nagge, Dr. Tejal Patel, Barbara Coulston, Cathy Schill, Jillian Bauer
Dietitians: Marg Alfieri, Stefanie Savoie

Team Members

Executive Director: Jennifer Metzloff
Executive Consultant: Patricia McLeod
Finance Manager: Michele Taylor
Operations/Site Manager: Sylvia Decker
Research and Evaluation Manager: Lindsay Donaldson
Manager, CFFM FHT & KW4 Area Projects: Jennifer Fillingham

Nurse Lead: Wende Bedirian
Nursing: Barb, Barbara, Kristine, Kara, Tara, Jenn, Shelley, Melanie, Brooke, Marion,  Kelsey, Stephanie, Laura, Emilee, Sarah, Emily, Scarlett, Siddhi
Health Educator: Jen J
Telemedicine Nurse:
Reception Lead: Wendy
Receptionists: Kathy, Mary Lou, Pauline, Leanne, Melissa, Tara, Michelle, Becky, Laura, Kira, Carolyn, Bailey, Nikki, Louise, Carrie-Ann, Samantha, Sarah, Dan, Olivia
Privacy Officer: Kaitlyn Dickinson
Health & Safety/Health Promotion Coordinator: Sylvia Decker
IT: Kevin Kennedy, Nenad Mladenovic
Research Associates:
Research Assistant: Ruchi
HR Lead & Executive Assistant: Nicole
Billing Clerks: Melissa, Colleen
Scheduling and Enrollment Clerk: Adina
Administrative Support: Monica
Project Coordinator: Trish
Clinic Coordinator: Sarah
Lead – Regional Memory Clinics – Caitlin

Education Team

Site Associate: Heidi Hallman
Education Associate: Catherine Arruda
Education Associate: Larysa Soroka
Education Assistant: Sasha