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Book an Appointment

You can book appointments using the following links. If you don’t see the physician you would like to book with or the appointment type you would need, please call instead.

Nurse ONLY Appointments @ Victoria Street (Treatment Room)

NOTE: Online booking for Treatment Room is with a NURSE ONLY. Medical assessments are NOT performed. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK COVID VACCINES INTO THE TREATMENT ROOM AT THIS TIME!

Appointments for the Treatment Room are only available for the following:

  • Allergy shots
  • Vaccinations (Tetanus/Adacel, grade 7 school vaccines, Flu shots, Shingrix, pneumonia vaccines, etc.)
  • Suture removal
  • Vitamin B12 injection
  • Medical injections (ie, Prolia, Testosterone, Abilify, Fluanxol, etc).

*Non OHIP- covered vaccines must be paid for at reception before vaccination is administered*

Appointments for injections can only be booked online if your MD/Specialist has prescribed the medication.

CLICK HERE to book an appointment with the Treatment Room

Physician Appointments

*Appointments booked online are IN-OFFICE, unless marked otherwise. If you need to book a telephone appointment and you don’t have the option to do so, please call instead.

10B Victoria Street, Kitchener

Blue Pod

Dr. Joe Lee

Dr. Marc Sawyer

Dr. Patricia Froese

Red Pod

Dr. James Milligan

Dr. Heather Dixon

Dr. Mike Lee-Poy (limited routine appointments only)

Green Pod

Dr. Upe Mehan & Dr. Emma Scotchmer (shared practice)

Dr. Jordi McLeod

250 Laurelwood Drive Unit 4111, Waterloo: University Gates

Dr. Mohamed Alarakhia

Dr. Natallia Beilhartz

Dr. Saurabh Kalra

Dr. Scott Laing

3710A Nafziger Rd, Wellesley

Dr. Fiona Clarke

Dr. Jennifer Jones