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New Process for Forms

The Centre for Family Medicine has implemented a new process for forms.  Please review the information below so you are aware of what is expected of you. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Instructions for Forms

If you have a form for your doctor to complete, please provide two copies of the form:

  1. One copy where you complete your portion of the form only (e.g., your contact information, signature, etc.) but leave the rest of the fields blank.
  • One copy where you complete all sections of the form (including fields that are to be completed by your doctor).
    • Pretend you are the doctor completing the form and write, to the best of your ability, all the details you would like to see included.
    • Your doctor will use your completed draft to guide the completion of the final version of the form that will be submitted.

Why does the doctor require me to provide two versions of the form?

  • It helps ensure the form includes accurate and detailed information.
  • It increases the likelihood the form/request (leave of absence, disability insurance, tax credit, etc.) will be approved.
  • Many forms are not covered by OHIP or a private insurance provider. The patient-completed copy can save the doctor time, which translates to a lower cost to the patient.
  • Additionally, it can save the patient time, minimizing back-and-forth exchanges between the patient, the doctor and the organization to which the form is being submitted.
Please drop the forms off at the office or email them to your family doctor. In your email, include: Your full name Date of birth, and The date the forms are due. Additional notes: Please allow up to 30 days for the completion of forms. When the form is due on a shorter timeline, every attempt will be made to complete forms in a timely fashion. Please note, we require payment for the Disability Tax Credit form prior to your doctor completing the form