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Contact your Physician

Integrated Health Building (IHB) Site
10 B Victoria Street South
Kitchener, Ontario
N2G 1C5 (click here for map, here for parking information)
For clinic hours click here.

Main Number – 519-783-0020

Dr. Arya, Dr. Joe Lee, Dr. Froese and Dr. Sawyer
Blue Pod – 519-783-0021         Blue Pod Reception Fax: 519-783-0031
Dr. Dixon, Dr. Kolbasnik, Dr. Lee-Poy and Dr. Milligan
Red Pod – 519-783-0022          Red Pod Reception Fax: 519-783-0032
Dr. Mehan, Dr. McKee, Dr. Pickard, Dr. Scotchmer and Dr. McLeod
Green Pod – 519-783-0023      Green Pod Reception Fax: 519-783-0033

Joseph Street Site (enter off of David)
25 Joseph Street (Corner of David and Joseph)
Kitchener, Ontario
N2G 4X6 (click here for map)
For clinic hours click here.

519-578-2109 (fax)

Village of University Gates
250 Laurelwood Drive, Suite 4111
Waterloo, Ontario
N2J 0E2 (click here for map)
For clinic hours click here.

Dr. Alarakhia, Dr. Beilhartz and Dr. Kalra
519-904-0658 (fax)

Wellesley Site
3742 Nafziger Road
Wellesley, Ontario
N0B 2T0 (click here for map)
For clinic hours click here.

Dr. Finn, Dr. Clarke
519-656-3173 (fax)

Wellesley Site
3710 Nafziger Road, Unit A
Wellesley, Ontario
N0B 2T0

Dr. Moore, Dr. Jones
226-660-4111 (fax)