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Smoking Cessation – Patients

Many Arabic speaking refugees wish to quit smoking upon arrival to Canada.

At the Centre for Family Medicine Family Health Team,  we have monthly sessions to help you quit. With the help of Arabic interpreters, a nurse practitioner and registered nurse facilitate a group discussion of smoking dependence and reasons for quitting. Following the group discussion and peer support, each participant meets with Nurse Practitioner/Registered Nurse and an interpreter and is eligible to have free nicotine replacement (NRT) products such as the patch, gum lozenge or inhaler. The NRT products can help you quit smoking by reducing nicotine withdrawal and cravings. Once enrolled in the program you will be eligible for 26 weeks of free NRT products at each monthly session. You are welcome to attend the monthly sessions even if you do not want NRT products.

If you are interested, speak to your case worker or family physician.