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Introduction to Clinic

Patient process at the Centre for Family Medicine Refugee Health Clinic

  • Check – in at reception
    • Please provide health card and IFH paperwork at all medical appointments
    • You will be asked to sign 2 forms
      • Authorization to Disclose Personal Health Information
      • Health Card Number Release
    • You can expect to be here for approximately 2 hours
    • An interpreter will be arranged by Reception House to help you communicate
    • It is very important that you show up to your appointment on time
  • Appointment #1: Intake and Assessment
    • You will meet with a nurse or nurse practitioner to discuss your health and medical history
    • Please bring all medication with you to your appointment
    • A nurse will measure your height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate and temperature
    • A physician or nurse practitioner will do a brief physical examination (i.e. listen to your heart, look in your ears etc.)
  • Plan
    • Based on the intake and assessment, a physician or nurse practitioner will provide you with paperwork so that you can complete any necessary blood work or other required testing
    • Any necessary referrals to other specialists will also be made
  • Appointment #2: Follow up
    • You will return to the clinic in approximately 1 month for a follow up appointment
    • Please ensure that all blood work is completed before this appointment
  • Appointment #3: Follow up
    • If you are female and in agreement, you may be asked to return to the clinic sooner for any female specific exams
  • Discharge
    • Once all the above steps have been completed, you will be discharged from our care
    • We will help to connect you with a family physician who will provide you with ongoing medical care