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Pharmacy Information

Prescription drug coverage for refugees follows the provincial/territorial formulary where you reside. This means that most medications will be covered at the pharmacy with some exceptions as long as they are written on a prescription by your doctor. Some medications require a prior approval process which can take several days to weeks for the pharmacy to obtain. It is important to know that most medications that are kept out front (over-the-counter) at the pharmacy are not covered even if written on prescription by your doctor.

Prescription medications cannot be returned for a refund once they have left the pharmacy, so if you are unsure about making payment to the pharmacy please speak with your case worker before doing so.

When attending a pharmacy it is important to bring your Interim Federal Health Certificate of Eligibility which contains your UCI number needed by the pharmacy to process your prescription. Also bring the prescription written by your doctor or the bottles of the medication that you need refilled. If you are prescribed long-term or chronic-use medication, it is important to return to the pharmacy a week or two before you run out of medication so the pharmacy can help you with obtaining additional supply.