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Introduction to Clinic – Arabic

Introduction to Clinic – Somali

Welcome to Kitchener/Waterloo, Canada!

The Centre for Family Medicine – Refugee Health Clinic is available for Government Assisted Refugees during the first six months of arrival to Canada.  At the initial appointment we provide an initial comprehensive intake history/physical  including bloodwork and any diagnostic tests required; with a follow- up  for discussion of results.  We will make referrals to specialists depending on particular needs (see Introduction to Clinic). Chronic diseases along with episodic illnesses will continue to be followed by the nurse practitioner on Monday and Thursday afternoons and Wednesday mornings.

Patient education is provided as required. For women we will provide contraception information, prenatal care and preventative health teaching.  Smoking cessation counseling and group sessions is also provided (see Patient Education).

Various community resources are also available (see Community Resources).  With funding, we have arranged for, and will continue to organize group teaching related to relevant health topics for various linguistic and cultural groups.

Interpreters are available for all appointments.

Introduction to ClinicPatient EducationPatient Videos (English/Arabic)

Community Resources
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