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  1. CMAJ Decision Caring for a newly arrived Syrian refugee family:  Kevin Pottie MD MSICc, Christina Greenaway MD MSc, Ghayda Hassan PhD, Charles Hui MD, Laurence J. Kirmayer MD.  This Canadian Collaborative for Immigrant and Refugee Health paper includes new evidence from the Middle East and Europe on many diseases relative to the 600,000 Syrian refugees in Europe: TB, Hep C, parasites, etc.  CMAJ, December 2015
  2. CMAJ Guidelines: Evidence-based clinical guidelines for immigrants and refugees:  Kevin Pottie MD MCISc, Christina Greenaway MD MSc, John Feightner MSc, Vivian Welch MSc PhD, et al, coauthors for the Canadian Collaborative for Immigrant and Refugee Health (CCIRH); CMAJ, September 6, 2011
  3. Integrated Primary Care Improves Access to Healthcare for Newly Arrived Refugees in Canada: Josephine McMurray, Katherine Breward, Michael Breward, Rob Alder, Neil Arya – Centre for Minority Public Health – Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, December 2013
  4. CMAJ – Commentary: Enter at your own risk: government changes to comprehensive care for newly arrived Canadian refugees.  Neil Arya BASc MD,  Josephine McMurray MBA, Meb Rashid MD, CMAJ, August 2012