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Refugee Health Clinic


Since 2008, The Centre for Family Medicine Refugee Health Clinic (part of the McMaster medical school teaching satellite) has worked closely with the Region of Waterloo’s Reception House, seeing almost all Government Assisted Refugees (GAR’s) in the region.  In 2016 we screened about 800 individuals.

We generally concentrated on GAR’s and in rare cases, we saw some Privately Sponsored Refugees (PSR’s).  We also saw some denied claimants in a church sanctuary.

When we began, the main issue identified was being able to find family doctors comfortable with refugee health issues. Working with external collaborators, we developed protocols for a screening clinic, reasoning that this would help make family doctors more comfortable seeing these patients.


Currently our Refugee Health Clinic operates every Thursday at our 25 Joseph Street location. Staffed by the following team:

  • Lead Physician: Dr. Neil Arya
  • Family Physician: Dr. Heather Dixon
  • Family Physician: Dr. Ryan McKee
  • Family Physician: Dr. Mohamed Alarakhia
  • Nurse Practitioner: Carolyn Beukeboom
  • Nurse Practitioner: Kathryn Flanigan
  • RN: Wende Bedirian
  • RN: Stephanie N.
  • RN: Laura B
  • RN: Sabrina S.
  • RPN: Barb R.
  • RPN: Kelsey G.

In 2013, Sanctuary Refugee Health Clinic opened and this helped deal with the Privately Sponsored Refugees, claimants and with some urgent GAR issues.

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