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AFHTO Awards 2012

At the annual AFHTO conference on October 16 and 17 in Toronto,  The Centre for Family Medicine won four of the AFHTO Bright Lights Awards.  These awards recognize the leadership, outstanding work and significant progress being made to improve the value delivered by family health teams.

Dr. Linda Lee won the Improving Patient’s Experience of Care award for the holistic, humanistic care for dementia patients and their families through the Memory Clinic that was developed at the Centre.

Dr. Mohamed Alarakhia won the Leveraging Technology to Improve Quality and Efficiency of Care award for connecting clinical information to improve continuity of care with Clinical Connect. Mohamed and team are currently working with our WWLHIN to increase the access and capacity of electronic clinical information available to all healthcare providers to improve patient experiences.

Executive Director, Pat McLeod, won the Strengthening the FHT Team award for her leadership and ability to create a successful team that is able to forward innovation improvements to primary healthcare.

And finally, our entire team at the Centre for Family Medicine FHT won the System Integration: Building the Team Beyond the FHT award for building partnerships within our community to strengthen care.